Transifex Party!

You’ve probably seen the releases which are shipped every few months. You’ve probably seen more projects slowly being added on And the Twitter. Things are getting more busy at Transifex too: our team is growing, the days at the office are becoming more fun every day. Our team has been hard working with some large and influential communities like Moblin. Yup, this means we’re also working closely with some really cool companies like Intel. =)

As promised to a few friends over time, we would throw a big party when the first contracts arrive. We’ve been looking forward to this announcement, so here it goes.

This Friday we’re meeting at the Beer house “502 a.d.” at our HQ hometown Patras, Greece. If you’re around, do drop by and try the nice collection of good beer available — from German Weiss to Belgian Pale Ales and dry stouts.

  • 18th December 2009, 9pm+
  • “502 a.d. Beer Pub”, Karaiskaki street, Patras, Greece
  • Lots of beer from us!

See you all there!

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