There is a schedule to follow; I like schedules

Gantt chart.

It’s been a rather long, slow, but at the end of the day a productive weekend. After talking about it for almost a week, we now have a solid schedule to work and measure ourselves against for the next month.

Why is a schedule important? ‘Cause it helps you remain focused, make positive progress without exhausting yourself, keep your calm when deadlines are approaching, monitor your progress, and see if you are moving towards your goal or away from it. It allows you to focus on the task at hand and at the same time avoid too much focus, something that tends to become a problem with the more pleasant tasks. Most importantly, when the workday comes to an end, it allows you to enjoy a bottle of Belgian beer or a glass of a fine malt Scotch whiskey 🙂

One could go on, but at the end of the day, a good schedule (or a project plan in… management speak) is a must-have tool to meet your goals and not just a convenient nice-to-have, enabling you to make progress in the long run rather than having short outbursts of productivity.

Of course making a schedule is the most easy thing to do. Keeping with it is what requires hard work and dedication, and this is going to be our focus from now on.

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