Transifex 0.3.2 Released

Today we released Transifex 0.3.2. Codenamed “As good as it gets”, 0.3.2 includes bugfixes and improvements contributed by the Transifex developers and translators.

For a full list of features take a look at the Release Notes for 0.3.2. Tarballs and packages are available at the files section of and on the Python Cheese Shop.

Quoting straight from Dimitris Glezos’ blog:

I realized today how good it feels right before a release. It’s something like the moment you fasten your seatbelt on the aeroplane before a trip. You know, after everything has been pack(ag)ed and transferred, you made it to your deadline (or changed flights), passed the security/QA. Just waiting for the take off. Satisfaction, planning newer, greater things.

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