Quickadd for Transifex

And now, the feature you have all been waiting for!

As many have pointed out – adding a new project to Transifex is a bit complicated and it could take several minutes because there are dozen fields to fill out. We thought we would make it dead-simple, well at least for major hosting service users. All you have to do is copy-paste your repository URL and push a button to add your project to Transifex. How cool is that?!

At this point we’re fully supporting Bitbucket and GitHub. The quickadd module fetches most of the details there – homepage address, project description, bugtracker, feed with project updates etc. As a bonus the file filter is also guessed although the algorithm for locating PO/POT files is not perfect yet! Google Code and Gitorious have limited support, we’re just filling out the fields with default values. It is also possible to add arbitrary but easily recognizable Subversion, Git and Bazaar repositories.

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