SSL Certificate Update on

Attention ladies and gentlemen!

As part of our efforts to keep the security bar high, we would like to inform you that we recently got a brand new SSL certificate, courtesy of ADACOM. This is a notice to make sure everyone is informed about this change and know what’s going on.

We will be installing the new cert and use it on on Tuesday 30/4 7am UTC.

As a protection mechanism, your browser may complain by showing you a warning, in case it has the old certificate cached. To proceed, just accept the new certificate and you should be ready to go! In case there is no such button (e.g. some versions of Chrome/Chromium), go to your browser preferences and clear your browser’s cached data and/or certificates for After this no more warnings should appear and everything should be OK for you to return in localizing your favorite software.


We would like to thank ADACOM for providing the certificate gratis, showing their support to the open source community and Transifex. Moments after announcing our intentions, an email was delivered in our inbox which explained ADACOM’s donation. {deep bow} If your online shop or website allows logins, stores sensitive data, or if you simply want to comply with privacy and security requirements, get in contact with these guys straight away.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us at support (at)

On behalf of the Txn sysadmins.


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