Introducing New Transifex Pricing Plans

Today we are excited (and nervous at the same time) to be announcing a new set of pricing plans. Our aim is to make Transifex attractive to projects of all kinds and sizes, with diverse localization needs and workflows. We are confident that the new plans are an improvement over the old ones and that they better match the needs of most projects.

Our previous pricing model worked well with some customers but not so well with others. The new model waives the limit on private collaborators, allows you to grow with the volume of content you’re translating in a more flexible way, and adds extra functionality for enterprise translation projects. For a limited time only, our Solo plan will be available at no cost.

With the new plans we’re improving in the following areas.

Unlimited users

You’re no longer limited on the number of private collaborators. As a workflow and crowdsourcing platform, we want to encourage you to collaborate with more people without hesitation. With the new plans, you can invite an unlimited number of people to your project.

Flexible word quotas

The word quotas have been greatly increased and now refer to proprietary or private projects across your languages. For example, if you have 500 English words and 10 languages, your wordcount is 5.000. This means you can adjust your usage freely: you may have a big project with few languages or a small project with lots of languages.

Pro features

We’re adding a number of premium features on the bigger plans which are tailored towards professional translation projects:

  • Manage multiple projects under your account which share a common set of language teams (Manage Project → Access Control → Project Hub).
  • Share a common Translation Memory across your projects (Dashboard → Translation Memory). Import and export your TMs using the standard TMX format
  • Send your files as XLIFF ones to your professional translators.


  • Plan prices were reduced by 30% and are now in US dollars instead of Euros. Our smallest plan (Solo) is 50% cheaper.
  • We introduced a $99/month plan, tailored towards companies with one medium-sized project (eg. a web app).
  • Of course, there is still a Free plan for open-source projects with unlimited usage quotas.
  • All existing subscribers are grandfathered and offered plans to accommodate their needs. Previous subscribers to the Basic plan have now been offered the Plus plan at no extra cost.

UI refresh

Oh, we also gave a facelift to our frontpage and several smaller parts of Transifex. We’re always striving to make our UI leaner and more intuitive so stay tuned; more updates are in the pipeline.

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