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Silent Circle enables private and secure communications via voice, video, text, and file transfer on mobile devices. It was built to offer the world a simple and affordable option to the widespread collection and rampant monetization of your personal data.

  • Transifex Live helps the Silent Circle team know what translations are live and what work is left.
  • The Silent Circle team got up and running on the Transifex platform in less than 24 hours.
  • With Transifex Live, Silent Circle has been able to expand their language support to 12 languages.

Silent Circle was built to offer the world a simple and affordable option to the widespread collection and rampant monetization of your personal data. Privacy is hard to find these days and Silent Circle is focusing on solving this hot button issue.

We were fortunate enough to grab some time with Joe O’Neill, Web Marketing Manager at Silent Circle. We talked about the growing need for a global presence in this fast growing industry and how Transifex Live is making it easier for Silent Circle to do business globally.

What business problem does Transifex Live help you solve?

Silent Circle specializes in a type of cell phone encryption. Users download our app, subscribe to service and can use it to place or receive private calls/texts. With all the media attention recently focused on cell phone monitoring, privacy of cell phone transmissions has become a hot topic all around the world.

Our research and customer feedback clearly showed that we needed to have a global presence. In fact, we determined there were 3 key areas of the business that require localization: our website, the desktop and mobile applications and the backend website that holds all the customer data and account information. We found that using American English, we could address some international users, but there were more and more requests coming from outside the US. In order to turn that interest into business, we needed to expand beyond English. That’s when we tried Transifex Live.

Transifex Live is a platform you can have up and running in less than 24 hours and scale to any level of translation you need.

What was your process like before Transifex Live?

Before Transifex Live, the process was clumsy and time consuming, and the results were disappointing. There were issues with translation quality, the consistency of how terms were translated and used, plus we just didn’t have enough languages available. Given the process and results, it didn’t make sense to expand the number of languages until we could do it right.

What is your process like after Transifex Live?

Transifex Live was how we were able to launch our new expanded website. It allowed us to get quality translations up faster without pulling large files. It gave us tons of visibility of the new and changing content plus it was much easier to manage and monitor the progress and status of translations.

We are translating content for three different platforms (iOS, Android and desktop). With Transifex Live we can leverage the Translation Memory across all of the platforms which saves us time and money while giving us better quality translations (and far fewer contextual issues). With the glossary and translation memory, once we had our tagline translated, for example, it is automatically included and we don’t have to pay for multiple translations each time we create a new page.

With Transifex Live we have been able to expand our language support to 12 languages, which expands our global presence and helps us reach new markets. We have the visibility we need to manage the workflow that makes this all possible. Transifex Live is efficient and saves us tons of time reviewing, monitoring and tracking progress. We got it done just in time for the launch of the new website.

How do you/your team use the platform on a daily basis?

When we started using Transifex Live, it was in Beta. The team was very supportive and flexible. All our feedback and input has been welcomed as they clearly embrace the idea of customer driven development.

Our team uses Transifex Live on a daily basis as we are constantly adding content, creating new pages as resources where we can pull strings from Transifex Live. With the previous system, we had pages and pages of translations and we were never really sure what was live or not. Now we are able to focus on going deeper into the website and localizing more and more content for our visitors.

Our translation provider has been very pleased with how easy Transifex Live has been to learn and use. It keeps everyone on schedule, engaged and up to speed. And it doesn’t take a ton of time. We especially like the Live preview window; you can see where text is in context and how it looks on the page. It’s great to be able to see how the text fits into a constrained space like a button. You can adjust the length on the fly and see how it works.

What impact has Transifex Live had on your business?

It’s a little early yet to say definitively. However, we have seen higher levels of visitor engagement from areas outside the US, which was our goal all along. This is reinforced by the volume of non-US contact requests we’re seeing. In the end, we’re engaging more people from around the world to learn more about our products and services, and that’s a great thing.

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