Make customer service personal and proactive

Knowing that customers respond best to content in their native language, we’ve created the Transifex Sync Zendesk app which allows you to translate your Zendesk Help Center articles in multiple languages. Create a personalized way for customers to interact with your business and build consumer satisfaction, trust, and brand loyalty.

Create a user-friendly experience


Check out our live example of a translated Zendesk Help Center,
switch between multiple languages, and see how customers will interact with your website.

Localize your Zendesk Help Center and…


Save Time

Create a way for customers to talk and learn from each other. As they help themselves to the simple and frequently asked questions, your team can focus on their core responsibilities.

Drive Conversions

By giving customers the answers they’re looking for when they need them most, you instill the high level of confidence needed to make a purchase on the spot.

Strengthen Reputation

The best businesses cater to the needs of their customers, no matter what language they speak. Be there for your customers 24/7 and rise above your competitors.

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