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Our Integrated Translation Provider (ITP) service with translation agency e2f is perfect for companies without a localization team or a language service provider, but who want the quality and service of an agency. They deliver high quality professional translations so you get everything you need in one place. Convenience, quality and service – what could be better?
ITP - Instructions

High quality human translations

Quality translations are the key to successful localization. Our Integrated Translation Provider service with e2f offers you access to translators with experience and expertise in specific languages and industries. You have the ability to set the language, the context by industry and the tone to match your product’s style. You get professional translations, editing and proofreading all in one place.
ITP - Integrated Workflow

Integrated workflow

Our ITP service puts all elements of the localization process in one easy-to-use platform. When you order translations, Translators work directly in Transifex, keeping all your data in one central place. You can manage projects, review and approve translations, leverage Translation Memory to improve the quality and consistency of your translations, and track order progress and history all from Transifex.
Ashley Wagner, Oxford University Press

Oxford University Press is the world’s largest university press with a wide global presence. Our aim is to make content available to users in the language and format that suits them best. The Transifex platform, with its direct access to e2f’s professional translation services, has helped us to do this by providing an easy way to localize our dictionaries website interface for our users worldwide.

Ashley Wagner, Programme Editor, Oxford University Press
ITP - Support

Dedicated support

When you place an order through the ITP service, you get access to email support dedicated to resolving translation-related questions and issues.

Consolidated billing

Translation orders are billed through Transifex. Order as many translations as you need using the card that’s already on file.

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