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Let Transifex automate your entire localization process – from code extraction and file organization, to hiring translators and synchronizing with code repositories. Centralizing all your content, files, and workflows in a powerful and intuitive platform makes life a little easier.automate-2

Command-line Client

Our powerful Git-like client app makes managing large volumes of files faster and easier than you can believe. You can synchronize all your local files with Transifex with the press of a button.


Transifex offers extensive RESTful API (Application Programmable Interface) support to all our customers. The API gives you the ultimate flexibility, power and control, making it easier to automate workflows and integrate Transifex into your existing processes and tools. The API makes use of the most common HTTP methods such as GET, POST, PUT and DELETE.

Our awesome community is translating our app. The team at Disqus spends ~1 hour/week on translation while supporting 45+ languages and with multiple deploys happening everyday. Transifex has taken away the worry of localization helped us streamline getting the most recent translations for our application.

Burak Yiğit Kaya, ‎Front-end Infrastructure Engineer, Disqus


Transifex works with Continuous Integration (CI) tools like Jenkins or Bamboo so you don’t have to change what you’re already doing. Building an app with continuously updated translations is easier than ever.

Content Management

Post your source content. Transifex automatically exposes only the new content that needs to be translated to your target languages.

Transifex Live

Transifex Live makes it easy to get started with localization using one snippet of JavaScript. There’s no need to extract phrases from your code for translation, deal with system integrations, or wait for a deployment to take translations live.


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