The power of the team

The Transifex localization management platform helps your team work together to achieve a common goal. Our collaboration tools keep developers, agencies, freelancers, marketers in sync so decisions are made faster, changes are easier and the overall result is better.teams-UI

Create teams

Invite people to join teams, then assign specific roles (translator, reviewer or coordinator) to keep them organized, track progress, review and approve translations. Teams can support multiple projects.

Organize your community

If you have an active user community eager to translate your content, use Transifex to get things started and keep them organized and on track. Create a public project and users can openly request to join your team. Or you can access our pool of translators directly. You can even have translators sign a Contributor License Agreement in Transifex which allows translators to contribute translations while protecting the intellectual property of your company.

Transifex has enabled the Waze community to create a strong, global network of translators. Through Transifex’s user-friendly editor, Wazers translate everything from our website to the app itself, allowing us to support 40+ languages in 200+ countries. The social aspects of Transifex provide an ideal collaboration space for translators.

Orit Yehezkel, Head of Localization, Waze

Real-time collaboration

Users can communicate directly from the web editor using @mention, comments and instructions. In-app messaging allows your team to collaborate within Transifex across all your projects.

Discussion forums

Communicate among team members. Start discussions on specific topics, get alerts when other team members respond.

Cut down the back-and-forth

With Transifex Live, your translators and reviewers see the content in-context and better understand the meaning of each phrase. This means fewer questions and more efficiency for everyone involved.


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