No more spreadsheets, email attachments or FTP servers to worry about

Transifex is your global localization management platform. Manage multiple projects (apps, web pages, documentation) from one centralized platform. You can even translate multiple versions of the same project simultaneously. Keep on top of your various translations with our project level dashboard, detailed reporting, and smart notifications. You’ll always know what’s going on.dashboard-UI

Dashboard & Statistics

Your Dashboard provides detailed statistics so you can track progress of projects, individual translators, languages, and translation strings. The dynamic dashboard presents data based on user roles, so Translators, Coordinators and Reviewers only see what they need to.


Detailed reports show the translators who have contributed to your project along with the number of words each one has translated. Filter reports by project, language, and date, then sort results by the number of words in new or edited translations to see who your most active translators are.

We are using Transifex to translate our mobile app and main website, Our engineers have integrated Transifex into their workflow, making translations part of the website’s weekly release cycle. The quality of our translations have vastly improved because we can have real people do the translations at almost the same speed as machine translations. The result is a faster, more efficient process and much better quality content.

Patrick McLoughlin, Senior Localization Program Manager, Eventbrite


Use teams to help organize and manage your workflow. Invite people to join a team, then assign teams to specific projects. Teams can work on multiple projects to keep things moving and leverage your resources.

Role-based Access

Assign specific people roles based on their responsibilities and display only relevant information they care about. Roles include: Translators, Reviewers, Language Coordinators, Project Maintainers, Team managers, Organization Admins.


Smart Notifications

Notify your team whenever relevant files are updated. Choose to send notifications for specific events like project announcements, issue reports or editor comments.

Simplifying the localization process

Transifex Live automatically detects strings on your webpage. Developers don’t have to spend hours extracting strings. Translators, marketers and project managers simply select the strings they want to translate and see it “live” in context.

  • Auto-detection of strings
  • Translate and review in-context
  • Maintain control of your content


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