Translate your website without writing code

It’s easy to make your website multilingual with Transifex Live. Simply add a snippet of JavaScript to your site, translate the content, then take translations live with the click of a button.

Transifex Live eliminates system integration headaches you run into when setting up a multilingual site – you drop in some JavaScript and you’re done.

Brian McConnel, Head of Localization, Insightly



Insert one JavaScript snippet in your HTML just like you do with Google Analytics. Your page content is automatically detected and stored in the Transifex localization platform, just like any traditional localization file.



Translate your content directly on the page using Transifex Live; collaborate with agencies, translators or crowdsource your translations. Transifex Live has powerful content management, flexible workflow and rich reporting capabilities.



Publish your translations with the click of a button. Updates happen continuously so whenever someone visits your site or app, the most current content is automatically presented in their chosen language.. and voilà! French visitors see your content in their native language.

Auto-detection of strings

Transifex Live extracts content directly from your live website into the platform for translation. There’s no need to prepare your content for extraction. And when new content appears on your site, Transifex knows, so you don’t have to manually track changes.

One-click delivery

When a visitors selects a language on your site, the JavaScript automatically delivers the translated content via the browser. French visitors see French content.

In-context editing

All content can be translated in-context so that translators can see exactly what the finished page will look like. If a word is too long to fit in the space assigned, it is easy to adjust real-time.


A powerful, open JavaScript API gives you complete control over the way your page should be prepared for translation and delivered to the end-user.

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