Multiple translation options

Have a new user interface? Updates to a landing page or support materials? With Transifex it will be done in no time. Whether you’ve been doing this for a while, or you’re just getting started our partner network gives you access to top-notch translation agencies. You can also access our line-up of individual translators, or crowdsource translations directly from your community.

In house translators

Top notch translation agencies


Web Editor

Our gorgeous web editor is easy for everyone to use -Translators, Reviewers, Agencies and Marketers. It works directly within your browser so there’s nothing to buy or install. Customize the interface according to your needs. With Transifex you can:


Get suggestions

Translators can get a suggested translation either from Translation Memory or directly from other translators.

Concordance Search

Allows translators to search past translations to find the same or similar phrases to help improve consistency and quality.


Strings can be grouped anyway you want, the possibilities are endless (important vs. unimportant strings, strings for a specific release, etc.)

Batch operations

Perform functions on multiple strings concurrently including find, replace, review, add tags, and even machine translations.


Provide translators with definitions, correct translations and contextual information for every language in the project. Glossary terms are automatically highlighted in the Editor for translators to see.


Translators and developers can add comments directly in the web editor. Report issues, answer questions and even attach screenshots so everyone can see where strings appear in a product.
Video Subtitle Editor

Video Subtitle Editor New

Line-by-line translation of video subtitles couldn’t be easier. We’ve synchronized subtitles with video playback so that strings are highlighted as the video plays. You can start/stop wherever you like. Video URLs can be stored for each resource. Perfect for education, training or other video heavy applications.

Translation Memory

Each Transifex project has a unique database of completed translations. Each new translation is compared to past translations to provide intelligent suggestions, so you never have to translate the same (or even similar) content twice.

Coursera translators use Transifex every day to translate video subtitles from 175+ university lectures. The user experience for translators is really impressive, making their work efficient and minimizing the number of questions and retranslations.

Sebastien Kuo, Program Manager for Localization, Coursera

Quality Control

Transifex helps improve the overall quality of your translations by leveraging Translation Memory, intelligent suggestions and the editorial review process. Collaborators can see past and current translations and identify inconsistencies and make corrections before content goes live.

Work in parallel

Access Transifex from the cloud and work in parallel, on the same file, at the same time. You can also work on different versions of the same project simultaneously to help with continuous development of digital products, apps and more. If necessary, your teams or agencies can work offline and sync up later when it’s convenient.

Translate in-context

Transifex Live lets you translate in-context so you see exactly how it will look on the finished page. Click on what you want to translate, type in the translated text and there it is. Include or exclude specific strings, switch between in-context and web-based editors, and review translations all from within Transifex Live.Live.


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