Localization 101 - Guide to Software Localization

Localization 101: A Beginner’s Guide to Software Localization

If you’re unfamiliar with the software localization process, it may seem daunting. This guide outlines the steps for localizing software from start to finish.
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Travel & Hospitality Localization Guide

Travel & Hospitality Localization Guide

In the travel and hospitality industry, you often cater to an international customer base. Learn more about how to localize your travel content in our guide!
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What is Translation Memory

What is Translation Memory?

As you translate more and more content, you’ll encounter similar or repeated content. Learn how Translation Memory can help you work more efficiently.
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A Quick Guide to Localizing Games for Global Markets

With the proliferation of mobile devices and spread of gaming systems across the world, localization is more important than ever if you want your game to succeed.
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Localization for Agile Teams Guide

Localization for Agile Teams

Learn how to take your software global without compromising your development speed.
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2014 Localization Benchmark Survey Report Cover

Localization Benchmark Report

We conducted the first annual Localization Benchmark Survey among Transifex users. What we found is not only interesting, it’s downright inspiring.
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Getting Started with Localization Whitepaper Cover

Getting Started with Localization

Read more on launching your software into a Global Marketplace.
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Land Grab White Paper Cover

Land Grab

In today’s ever-changing software landscape, being global fast is a must for being successful.
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Thinking Beyond Your Bordres Cover

Thinking Beyond Your Borders

Did you know that 52.7% of internet users say obtaining information in their own language is more than price? Learn about the importance of localization and the various ways you can approach it.
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