As a company, we evolved and developed through the Open Source community and we won’t ever forget this. From our humble beginnings in 2009, we have grown and continue to do so. Many individuals and organizations from the Open Source community helped us – and still do – and as a result we see it as our responsibility to give back.

Far from just saying this, we really do give back and are proud of what we have done to help companies and organizations grow. Through our ongoing social responsibility program, we have donated our resources, time and efforts to a number of meaningful projects that are close to our heart. It gives us genuine joy to be able to see these organizations expand and enhance their work and audience, by offering our localization service.

We have many examples of those companies we have helped, and how they have benefitted from our social responsibility program. We are pleased to share their stories with you.

Idealist logo
As Idealist helps volunteers find job placement opportunities throughout the world, a web presence in a number of languages is vital. Transifex was able to localize Idealist’s digital platform to help it communicate with its community.
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Parking Mobility
Transifex localized Parking Mobility’s website and smartphone apps into French and Spanish, and helped Parking Mobility achieve its mission ‘to improve awareness on health and safety when it comes to accessible parking for persons with a disability’.
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REFUNITE helps reunite displaced people throughout the world, by using simple technology. Transifex was able to localize REFUNITE’s websites that receive more than 20,000 visitors a month in addition to its other digital channels.
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