Parking Mobility

Parking Mobility’s mission is to improve every day access for persons with disabilities.

Helping Parking Mobility’s Education, Messaging and Enforcement

When it came to identifying how Transifex could deliver a value-adding Social Responsibility program, the company didn’t need to look too far.

The company knew its strengths and decided very quickly that it wanted to offer its products and services to those in the not-for-profit sector. Once it knew how it could help, the issue was then finding companies to help.

Parking Mobility is one such beneficiary of its program. With a simple mission statement, “to improve awareness on health and safety when it comes to accessible parking for persons with a disability,” Parking Mobility was more than happy to have Transifex help. There are a number facets to Parking Mobility’s business: it provides local governments with backend integration and automation to enforce violation; it offers vertically integrated educational courses for offenders as an alternative to the traditional fine, while all its communication and messaging are channeled through a smart phone.

“Our Social Responsibility commitment was perfectly suited to Parking Mobility. We were only too happy to donate what we could, when we could, in order to help them,” says Transifex’s Chief Operation Officer, Tony Espinosa.

Dealing primarily in the North American markets, Parking Mobility identifies with users and a community that spoke not only English, but Spanish and French as well. This is where Transifex came in to offer its services.

“Our smart phone apps are the most critical aspect of our business as they provide all interactivity with non-government users,” says Parking Mobility’s co-founder Craig Spradling. “Our web app provides the functional portal to our government users. The role of our website is simply marketing material, to entice citizens to download our smart phone apps and for governments to contact us regarding deployment in their community,” Craig adds.

The importance and impact for Parking Mobility to be able to communicate with its French- and Spanish-speaking communities has been crucial.

“We knew what had to be done and we also knew that Parking Mobility were not a huge operation, but still a very important one, so we developed a relationship with them and it took off from there,” says Tony.

“Since the decision to localize was made at the inception of the project, we developed with this in mind. We have string libraries which are shared with Transifex from our stack of technologies,” Craig says.

While working with Transifex was an easy fit for Parking Mobility, it was also a leap of faith of sorts. The company had no prior relationship or knowledge of Transifex’s products and services, and given the work Parking Mobility does with local governments, there were some sensitive aspects to its business.

“Put simply, localization has facilitated the greatest impact for our socially-minded project by making it as linguistically inclusive and accessible as possible.” Craig says.

“Transifex has an exceptional product that is very community-oriented and driven, which are core aspects of a strong, responsive localization platform. Transifex’s community focus extends beyond their platform in how they empower community projects such as our own to maximize our social change impact,” Craig says.

Using technology as the platform and language to reach a greater audience, Parking Mobility is able to use the power of people, to help solve the universal problem of confusion and misuse of disabled parking. The grassroots campaign is going from strength to strength, with the success of its Canadian and US services enabling Parking Mobility to extend its reach and influence into other key markets.

Parking Mobility is now working with the Brazilian government to provide a Portuguese version of its technology stack as it works to affect social change in South America’s largest country.

“We are ready and willing to continue to work with Parking Mobility as they expand their operations,” Tony says.

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